Oh….hello there

My husband just hooked me up with the blog that has been requested!

I am now taking care of my feet, the foundation of all things Fitness Beauty and Hooping. Without this foundation to stand on…

I am but a house of cards.

One thought on “Oh….hello there

  1. Hi Kate-E!

    Thank you so much for checking in here! I hope you do it often. :^) I can’t tell you how happy it make me that you and your beautiful babies are lovin’ your hoops. You know… you’re going to have to post LOTS of Pictures… Right?

    I promise to keep you posted when we’re planning a hoop thing, or you know, you are always welcome to come by for an impromptu hoop fest! Tyler loves having lots of friend to hoop with and so do I!

    Big Hugs to all!


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