Variety Show…time to start

Tonight I witnessed some awesome performances at the rehearsal for the elementary school variety show. There are so many kids in our area who possess talent and are not afraid to show it.

I am going to talk about my son and his Blue Man Hooping Routine.
I was astonished by the ease with which he stepped up on to THE STAGE for his first public (not family or friends) performance. I knew he was nervous, but he bravely stepped up and took his position. With clear concentration, his music started and he didn’t miss a cue. His choreography was beautifully executed and his timing was spot on.
He hit the ‘front lift-to-lasso’, and ‘slinky’ moves perfectly. He then added ‘revolving door’ in the final section of his ‘chorey’.

The room was quiet, with just a couple of woo-hoo’s during the performance. At the end, though, everyone yelled and applauded.

Here is the Music that I edited for use from the Blue Man Group®

You rock Tyler