How Things Are?

I am finding the amount of unrest in the world creeping into every aspect of my daily life. I often find myself in this position, and would say,that’s just how things are. But today it’s harder and harder to accept these words as “my truth”. Maybe it’s because I see the future in my childs eye, maybe I want to believe that there is still hope for the human race. Whatever it is, I feel a need to change how things are, compelled to try something different. Rather than just saying, this is how things are, I ask myself, why was I so willing to accept these things, and why are so many people not only willing to accept them, many embrace them like a favorite blanky from their childhood. I’m sorry, but cutting the pay to the people who keep our streets safe, to underfund and overwork men and women who pave the path to our future by doing the best they can to educate our children is just plan wrong. Someone said to me just the other day, that “public education is welfare for the masses”. I think that notion is nothing less than short sited. If we as a society undervalue education, our children will never be able to compete in this global market. This is not what I envisioned for my children. I believe in reason and free thought. I believe in our children, and I have hope for their future.


I wanted to post something about “The Groove Method”. I taught my first Groove class last Sunday. It was a great experience and tons of fun. This Method is how I have always experienced dance, free form and fun. I have always loved the way I felt when I was dancing, whether it was at a dance party, night club, Grateful Dead Show, mosh pit, or drum circle at a bonfire! Simple movements that express so much. The freedom to move in a way that makes my body and soul feel alive! The raw human desire to be free and move freely. This is a Joyful expression of life. I hope that I can bring the joy I feel when I dance to my facilitation. I look forward to bringing the joy and full expression of movement to all that seek it.
~peace all

Variety Show…time to start

Tonight I witnessed some awesome performances at the rehearsal for the elementary school variety show. There are so many kids in our area who possess talent and are not afraid to show it.

I am going to talk about my son and his Blue Man Hooping Routine.
I was astonished by the ease with which he stepped up on to THE STAGE for his first public (not family or friends) performance. I knew he was nervous, but he bravely stepped up and took his position. With clear concentration, his music started and he didn’t miss a cue. His choreography was beautifully executed and his timing was spot on.
He hit the ‘front lift-to-lasso’, and ‘slinky’ moves perfectly. He then added ‘revolving door’ in the final section of his ‘chorey’.

The room was quiet, with just a couple of woo-hoo’s during the performance. At the end, though, everyone yelled and applauded.

Here is the Music that I edited for use from the Blue Man Group®

You rock Tyler

Oh….hello there

My husband just hooked me up with the blog that has been requested!

I am now taking care of my feet, the foundation of all things Fitness Beauty and Hooping. Without this foundation to stand on…

I am but a house of cards.